Sewing is a lot like life...sure, there are patterns for just about everything, but in order to love what you do, or love what you make, you have to change the pattern to make it your own regardless if the change is a fraction of an inch or the length of a yard. And more often that not, those choices you make to change the pattern do not work out exactly the way you hope. It can be frustrating and challenging, and sometimes you have have to rip it all apart at the seams and start completely over. Which requires patience. A lot of patience. But in doing so, you create something that is far more rewarding, and far more beautiful, then what you started with.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Fave Friday #6 - FUNNY FACES

Being home in Kansas with my family is always a lot of fun, so I am linking up today with my friend Tooje for a weekly segment she always does called "Funny Faces Friday". Funny pics of Tooje's boys and her sweet little girl always brighten my Fridays! Head over to Circling the Square Table and you will see what I am talking about!

Z has taken a real interest in taking picture with mommy's camera within the last few weeks, so he gets the credit for the majority of these funny pics! Enjoy and Happy Friday!
Z taking his mom's picture at the parade

Z playing peek-a-boo in the closet with his Grandma

Another fine photo by Z of his mom

My nephew Chance with a bucket on his head

Another one by Z of his momma and his Aunt Jenny


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! You have GREAT funny faces friday photos!!! :) I especially like the peek a boo one and of course you with your towel. :) Perfect. Thanks for playing!

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  3. Cute blog! I am now following you, come follow back! I have a writing blog and a crafting blog!