Sewing is a lot like life...sure, there are patterns for just about everything, but in order to love what you do, or love what you make, you have to change the pattern to make it your own regardless if the change is a fraction of an inch or the length of a yard. And more often that not, those choices you make to change the pattern do not work out exactly the way you hope. It can be frustrating and challenging, and sometimes you have have to rip it all apart at the seams and start completely over. Which requires patience. A lot of patience. But in doing so, you create something that is far more rewarding, and far more beautiful, then what you started with.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Fun Surprise Gift!

Look at this super fun surprise gift from my MIL!

A Sewing Calendar!
Have you seen this before?
It is a desk caledar with a new fun sewing project, complete with
a fabric list and instructions, every couple of days!
Here are a few projects I can't wait to try!

A Scrappy Belt
Picnic Placemats that roll up!
Wouldn't these be so fun made from oil cloth or lamenated cloth?

Fat Quarter Throw Pillows

What is also super fun about the calendar is that in addition to instructions, it includes the name and website or blog for each of the contributors, so not only do I get to try out several new projects, but I get to view a ton of new blogs as well!

Want your own calendar? I found it here on Amazon.


  1. My DH ordered this for me and I love it too! I recently made some fat quarter throw pillows, did not realize they had a pattern for it in there! I'll have to go through them again. I decided to save all of them just in case I want to go back and try one of the projects at a later time.

  2. That is awesome. I have never seen anything like it :)

  3. You are blessed to have so many amazing, thuoghtful women in your life. How nice to have a MIL who knows what you are passionate about and giving you such a sweet gift.