Sewing is a lot like life...sure, there are patterns for just about everything, but in order to love what you do, or love what you make, you have to change the pattern to make it your own regardless if the change is a fraction of an inch or the length of a yard. And more often that not, those choices you make to change the pattern do not work out exactly the way you hope. It can be frustrating and challenging, and sometimes you have have to rip it all apart at the seams and start completely over. Which requires patience. A lot of patience. But in doing so, you create something that is far more rewarding, and far more beautiful, then what you started with.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I will never do it justice...Pioneer Woman Book Signing in Dallas

Last night two of my besties and I decided to spend Valentine's Day with the one and only Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman as she so graciously spent her's signing books in the Big D.

And because I will never, ever be able to do it the justice it deserves, I am just going to have to post this and hope that I at least do a somewhat decent job of explaining the phenomenom that is The Pioneer Woman.

Here she is making her introduction to the crowd....she introduced her family, Malboro Man and all four of her children were here for this signing. She also answered several questions from the crowd and one of the most endearing qualities about her I think is that nothing was off limits...she answered a wide variety of questions and she answered them candidly....everything from whether the Food Network has offered her a show (they've discussed it but she isn't sure she is willing to commit the time) to whether Black Heels & Tractor Wheels is going to be a movie (it is in "option", meaning it could or could not be made).

And then she got down to signing. While the book tour is to promote Black Heels & Tractor Wheels, she more than graciously signs cookbooks too. (I made my friend Shea go first because I was speechless! Really, I couldn't say a word! )

She is everything you imagine her to be...genuine, gracious, witty, and simply stunning in person.

She asked us how we became friends and when we told her we went to the University of Kansas together she said she applied to KU and it was her second choice, after USC of course. I thought it was so neat that she attempted to make a personal connection with us.

What's that in the top left hand corner of the book you ask? Oh, only Marlboro Man's signature. That's right y'all. Not only did we get PW's signature, we got Malboro Man's too.

If you haven't been to see her in person at a book signing, you have to go! But before you do, I would definitely drop by the bookstore beforehand and find out if there are any special rules or guidelines you need to know. For example, here in Dallas there were close to 1,000 people who came to see her the year before and she signed books until 2am because she wanted to sign them all (isn't that so cool?!). This year our bookstore decided to give out color coded wristbands the morning of the signing so you could approximately know what time you would need to be there to get your book signed. Don't get me wrong, the place was packed the entire time regardless of the wristband color, but it helped to get in the earliest grouping you could. My besties and I were in the second group of 100 and we waited in line for 2.5 hours. Worth every second.
So, have you been to see her? Do you plan to if she is coming to your area?


  1. OH MY!!!!!!!!!! SO jealous. What a great time. I'm so glad it was more than "just" an autograph. Your pictures were great and I think you absolutely did her justice. :)

  2. Hi Emily, I came to your blog to check out your lovey via one of the linky parties (can't remember which one, sorry!) Anyway, I had no idea PW was in Dallas! I'm in FTW and totally missed that! I'm new to her blog but I.Love.Her! Anyway, it's so nice to "meet" another Texas blogger (and Etsy shop owner)! I'm happily following you, now. Feel free to stop by my neck of the woods :)

  3. I don't know a thing about this woman, but between you and Tracy and Leslie Brooks talking about her, it's obvious she's a big deal. :) I'm just happy you got to experience her in person.

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