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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Fave Friday #3....FRIENDS!

I promise this is not a post about my most favorite friends...that wouldn't really be nice would it? I guess except for the people I included, but regardless, my favorite post this week is about my most favorite FRIENDS episodes of all times!

Didn't you just love FRIENDS? Don't you miss it? I miss it. I really miss it. And I have to admit, that most of my most favorite episodes involve Ross and Rachel. I loved them. I can still hear the collective gasp of sorority girls everywhere when Ross said Rachel's name during his wedding to Emily during the finale of season 4 (which may be my most favorite episode, so that one may start the list). I remember the tears when Chandler proposed to Monica during season 6 and more tears when Phoebe had triplets as a surogate for her brother (season 5).

Okay, before I end up going through them all, onto the list! But first....COME BACK FRIENDS! And second, it is a true story that one of my best friends called and sang the entire theme song on my voicemail one day. That is friendship.
Now the list.

1) The one where Ross says Rachel's name at his wedding to Emily (season 4)

2) The one where Rachel drunk dials Ross and leaves a message that she is SO over him
(season 1)

3) The one where Rachel and Ross are "taking a break" and she writes Ross the ridiculously long letter and he falls asleep while reading it (season 3)

4) The one where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe all wear wedding dresses (season 4)

5) The one where Chandler admits he loves Monica because Phoebe is trying to come on to him to get it out of him (season 5)

6) The one where Phoebe has her brother's triplets (season 5)

7) The one where Ross and Rachel get drunk in Vegas and get married (season 6)

8) The one where Chandler proposes to Monica (season 6)

9) The one where Rachel finds out she is pregnant because Phoebe tells her she is not and she is disappointed. She then finds out she is (season 8)

10) The one where Chandler and Monica are trying to buy a house in the suburbs without telling their friends so they can raise their kids outside the city (season 10)

11) The one where Joey walks Phoebe down the aisle to her wedding to Mike (Paul Rudd) (season 10)

12) The one where Chandler and Monica have twins (season 10)

13) The last one, where Rachel doesn't go to Paris because she loves Ross (season 10)

Now, I know that list doesn't even come close to all the greatness that was FRIENDS, but I don't think such a list exists. So, which of your favorite episodes did I miss?


  1. IYOU GOT ALL THE GREATEST ONES! I LOVED much and I miss them bad! I really liked the one where every one meets Rachel when she rushes into Central Perk in her wedding dress!
    I'm your newest follower...btw!
    would LOOOOVE a follow back!

  2. Oh my goodness, LOVE Friends, totally miss the show. Favorite episode of all time:
    the one where they play the game to decide who gets which apartment. Ross asking all the questions, " Who does the TV Guide go to at Joey and Chandler's?" Chan-andler Bing!

    Oh how I wish they would reunite.... ;-) thanks for the fun memories though!

    p.s. I am your newest follower, automatic BFF status with the friends post, lol.

  3. I have moved far away from my friends for my career development, though i earn a lot, i still fell daily i miss some thing and that is friends. Its a feeling i can't explain.

    Friendship letter to best friend

  4. I loved it when Rachel answered the door in her wedding dress saying "I do" and her crush, Josh, was on the other side. She definitely scared him away! That was funny! Oh and the one with Chandler's crazy roommate that had the "goldfish" in the fish bowl, which was actually a Goldfish Cracker.


  5. I have to honestly say, I watched a few episodes of Friends, but was not really a big fan.
    I am a new follower from New Friend Friday, so glad to have found your blog and look forward to reading more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Found your blog through links! Love your blog!
    If you ever need new recipes or want to be featured..than please come become a follower to see daily updates and email us if you would like us to feature you!!!

  7. You recapped a ton of good ones...and reading them made me laugh all over again. LOL Like Tracy said on FB, the sweater / Ross is the daddy episode ranks high on my list as faves. The "group gasp" that happens is great.