Sewing is a lot like life...sure, there are patterns for just about everything, but in order to love what you do, or love what you make, you have to change the pattern to make it your own regardless if the change is a fraction of an inch or the length of a yard. And more often that not, those choices you make to change the pattern do not work out exactly the way you hope. It can be frustrating and challenging, and sometimes you have have to rip it all apart at the seams and start completely over. Which requires patience. A lot of patience. But in doing so, you create something that is far more rewarding, and far more beautiful, then what you started with.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maple Leaf Festival - Part 3 - Small Town USA

A lot of people called it prison, when I was growing up
These are my roots and this is what I love
'Cause everybody knows me and I know them
And I believe that's the way we were supposed to live
Wouldn't trade one single day, in small town USA

(Small Town USA - Justin Moore)

The above lyrics just about sums it up for me and how I feel about where I grew up. The Maple Leaf Festival is one of my most favorite things about my hometown, and here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend. Even though I moved to the Big D over 10 years ago, my hometown is, and always will be, home.

First, the magnificant Maple trees speak for themselves.....

Second, I love being able to share the festival with my boys....(yes, they technically should come before the trees, but it is the Maple Leaf Festival after all)

The gorgeous mums...we have the hardest time deciding which ones to buy every single year...

Watching my nieces march in the same parade my sisters and I marched in growing up....

The rides...or should I say "ride" since besides the bounce house the Super Slide is the only one Z will go on with me...

And lastly, the face painting my niece Sophia has to have every year....

Thanks so much for following along I shared all my favorite things about this past weekend, it has really been fun! And, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone's supportive comments about my booth, thanks so much for the encouragement!

Be sure to stop by Thursday because I hope to be making a un announcement about a link party I am hosting in a hint I created the idea out of this post from yesterday!

Also, My Favorite Friday this week will be my Favorite Funny Faces from the weekend and I will be linking up to my friend Tooje's site, Circling The Square Table, for her fun weekly post Funny Faces Friday! Be sure to hop over there Friday and take a look!


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