Sewing is a lot like life...sure, there are patterns for just about everything, but in order to love what you do, or love what you make, you have to change the pattern to make it your own regardless if the change is a fraction of an inch or the length of a yard. And more often that not, those choices you make to change the pattern do not work out exactly the way you hope. It can be frustrating and challenging, and sometimes you have have to rip it all apart at the seams and start completely over. Which requires patience. A lot of patience. But in doing so, you create something that is far more rewarding, and far more beautiful, then what you started with.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Surrounded by love

I have been thinking for some time that I wanted to create a post dedicated to my stepmother and showcase her talent for sewing, as she is the reason I discovered the love of sewing myself. I've posted before about how sewing has saved my life (read about it here), but my stepmother is the reason I have enjoyed it so much.

She is the one that made the special trip to Walmart to scope out the sewing machine I was thinking about getting to get started and told me to get it because it was a good little machine. She is the one who bought me a walking foot before I even knew what the heck I would need it for AND the one that walked me through over the phone how to attach it to my sewing machine when I finally realized I needed it. She is the one who whole heartedly smiled when I gave her my very first bag that I made even though it wasn't very good.

And while I have been mulling over all the wonderful things I wanted to say about her and her talents, I haven't posted before now because honestly, there aren't enough words to share the love and gratitude I feel for having her in my life, and not only for her sewing skills. My stepmother is a selfless person, she is thoughtful and I am so thankful that she came into my father's and my family's lives.

Imagine my surprise when I receive an email from her last night telling me that she is inspired by my sewing, that I inspire her and she is proud of me. Barely being able to hold back the tears, I called her immediately to tell her that she doesn't even know the half of it, that it is she that inspires me, and there is no doubt about it.

Instead of simply using words to describe her and her talents, I thought I would share all the ways in which my family and I feel surrounded by her love and how we are so very lucky to have her in our lives.

When I discovered I was pregnant, she is the one
who made gave me this sweet quilt as my first baby gift.

When I couldn't find any cute boy crib bedding,
she is the one who made me super soft minky
bedding that Z still snuggles today and when I
couldn't find curtains, she made those too.

She is the the one that made us boppy pillows,
burp clothes, bibs and towels wraps
for when we brought Z home.

She is the one that embroidered pillows when
I called and said Z was ready for a toddler bed,
a nap mat when Z needed one for preschool, and
a cute monkey when I told her that Z's 2nd birthday was
going to be a jungle theme.

She is the one that made Z banana shaped bean bags
to go with the monkey bean bag toss game
at his birthday party.

And a stick horse at Christmas.

When I called and said I had seen the cutest monkey stocking
cap in the airport in Detroit, she was the one
that surprised me by making Z the exact same hat.

She is the one that makes my hubby and I
our favorite lap blankets for snuggling in front of the tv which
are our most favorite Christmas gifts.

And she is the one that made us our own king sized quilt
for our bed this past Christmas which immediately
replaced the "luxury" quilt from Pottery Barn
we recieved as a wedding present. That blanket now sits
on our closet floor since being replaced by this one.
My husband describes it as the "perfect" blanket.

Sally, thank you. I love you.


  1. OMG!! That just made me cry!! You are 'sew' right on about us being blessed by Sally being a part of our lives. I couldn't have entrusted my Dad to a better person.... and my 'Sally Blankets' ROCK! :) My little baby-dogs love their little snuggle blankets too. Thanks Sally. Love you!! Jenny

  2. What a sweet post...and you're right - she is so gifted!!! What a blessing!

  3. Wow. I can't stop crying. What a lovely post to a lovely woman.

  4. Wow, what a special person to have in your life! She is so talented too! You are one lucky girl!

  5. Oh my gosh I'm crying!!! What a blessing you are to EACH OTHER'S lives!!